Frites – Poutine and Waffle Restaurant Review – Vancouver

By January 4, 2016Poutine Review

Poutine Vancouver

Great Article about us from Hanson Do “Nosh and Nibble“!

Hey guys! Today I have a post for one of Vancouver’s brightest poutineries, Frites! With an array of ethnic flavour choices, does this small eatery deserve your late night munchies attack or should you keep walking down Granville Street? Read on to find out.

Team Tastic came here for a regular dinner and I had a great taste of the following:

  • Bacon and Pulled Pork Double-Layered Poutine ($9)
  • Spicy Beef Double-Layered Poutine ($9)
  • Falafel Frites ($9)
  • Crispy Chicken Waffle Sandwich ($9)

The Bacon and Pulled Pork Poutine came exactly as advertised. Both were tender with some good chewy bits on the bacon side. The double-layerness entailed that there were two places where vegetarian gravy and meat are layered in. End result? My poutine was gravy-ed up wherever my fork dove in.

The Spicy Beef version was a Korean-inspired poutine with BBQ-style beef and sriracha hot sauce squeezed over top. The beef was juicy and packed some medium heat, but you can give your preference to the staff. As with the bacon and pulled pork poutine, the gravy was gooey, vegetarian (yes, you could order a vegetarian poutine here!), and came in a double layer. The fries got a little soggy towards the bottom, but they didn’t taste papery. I heard word from the staff that almost everything, including the fries, are prepared in-house. The fries are prepared the day before, soaked in cold water, blanched, and then fried. How’s that for a thorough approach to poutine-ism?

Moving onto the Falafel Frites, even if this weren’t a poutine, it was still a well-decorated platter of fries. Adorned with crispy falafel balls, tomato, cucumber, onion, tzatziki, and hummus, the fries are main stars here with a crisp outside and soft inside. The falafel also deserve the same credit with a very crispy shell with lots of chickpea goodness inside.

Frites is a small poutinerie on the Granville Street strip. There are about 8 seats inside so you may expect to order takeout if you come at a late hour after a night on the town. The whole place was very vibrant with lots of reds and yellows accenting the interior. As far as interior art, there are gorgeous photos of the poutines and fries served here.

Here you’ll place and pay for your order before receiving your food. The staff were very nice when taking my order and offered many recommendations. This poutinerie is open until 4am on weekend nights so you’ll definitely have a place to go when you want some fresh tasting poutine. Food took about 4 minutes to be finished, and I’d recommend any size of group to dine here since everything is takeout-ready.

One-liner: Great fresh-tasting poutines and fries
Highlight: Spicy Beef Poutine
Recommended for: Poutine lovers looking for some Asian fusion
Would I go back? Yes.