Frites – Poutine and Waffle Restaurant Review – Vancouver

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Poutine Vancouver Great Article about us from Hanson Do "Nosh and Nibble"! Hey guys! Today I have a post for one of Vancouver’s brightest poutineries, Frites! With an array of ethnic flavour choices, does this small eatery deserve your late night munchies attack or should you keep walking down Granville Street? Read on to find out. Food: Team Tastic came here for a regular dinner and I had a great taste of the following: Bacon and Pulled Pork Double-Layered Poutine ($9) Spicy Beef Double-Layered Poutine ($9) Falafel Frites ($9) Crispy Chicken Waffle Sandwich ($9) The Bacon and Pulled Pork Poutine came exactly as advertised. Both were tender with some good chewy bits on the bacon side. The double-layerness entailed that there...
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