Best Poutine in Vancouver

Best Poutine in Vancouver | Experience the best poutine in Vancouver. More than 12 kinds of Poutines, Frites and Chicken Waffle tasting with 16 different sauces.
Best Poutine in Vancouver


Best Poutine in Vancouver
Best Poutine Vancouver

“Delicious Box of Yummy”

Tried the Kalbi Beef & Kimchi Double-Layered Poutine as a midnight snack and was delighted by the incredible flavours. Best poutine I have ever had! I wish we had been hungrier as I would have loved to try the Montreal Smoked Meat Double-Layered Poutine too! Can’t wait to come back and try something different next time.

Kevin Bludso

“Really like the chicken sandwich”

I've had the chicken sandwich here a few times, I really like it, my preference is on the bun instead of the waffle. The crispy chicken gourmet fries are pretty good too. The poutines use a gravy that isn't quite to my liking, so I don't have the poutines too much here. Haven't tried the pulled pork sandwich yet so that is next on my to try list.


“Favourite place for a good snack”

I love frites, I really do. And this is the only place I've found where I can count on them to deliver hot, fresh, and perfectly seasoned Frites in a casual.

Vivienne JK

“A little pricey, but...YUM!”

I got the regular poutine. Of course it was delicious. I got a medium because the small looked too small, but about halfway through it I wished I would have just gotten the small, it would have bee enough.

If I wasn't such a cheapskate I would have gone for a) Falafel frites (OMG they looked so good), or...OKONOMI frites!!! Next time, next time.

Btown Lisa

“Woo! Belgian Fries”

Head over to Frites at Granville & Nelson after the bar for authentic belgian fries with a choice of 20 gourmet sauces and a delicious double layer poutine?!